Monday, June 29, 2020

Gratwick Park

Along the Niagara the view is often the water, some weedy things and the flat land across the river. It isn’t inspiring without an effort to find an interesting view. This hot June day required shade-no trees were there but a clamp on umbrella from the car works well when there is no breeze. I found large rocks along the shore and cattails shining in sunlight to paint and this is my setup.
I really enjoyed the shade and cool air off the river while painting on this beautiful day. People can come here and just relax during the quarantine, there is a great deal of space at Gratwick Park for walking, kites and bicycles.
Ducks and Geese made their appearances and I managed to add a few slow ones by working quickly. Those rocks I saw? Mostly bird pedestals on this day.
Goose Snooze,  9x12, pastel

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