Friday, February 5, 2021

Reading Alla Prima by Richard Schmid

I found a link to Alla Prima II by Richard Schmid that I could download and read online as a pdf. This book in 3-D is a valued reference and frequently resourced by artists but I didn’t own it. I would like to hold the real book, to investigate the many color reproductions and flip back and forth to the footnotes and resources. Although I usually read library books online, this pdf didn’t change pages easily and is presented as one single long document, not as book pages. It’s a big book to read this way.

The copy I had didn’t have good color reproduction but I was thrilled to read Schmid's philosophy and approach at a time I needed to start thinking deeply about my work. The spontaneity of his brushstrokes are an illusion. Each stroke is planned and purposeful, each value is carefully measured to the adjoining ones. 

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